1. Do I need to sign up/pay online prior to showing up for my yoga class?

    A: Nope! Just show up to the studio 15 minutes prior to class time and we will get you signed up.

  2. I’ve never done yoga before. How do you recommend I show up for class?

    A: Open mind, open spirit. Seriously, be open. You don’t have to be comfortable just yet or know the postures. Show up open to learning and be taken well care of.

  3. Hot Pilates sounds… hot. How hot is the room?

    A: Pilates sessions are held in 96 degrees and are so juicy! Great for the organs, skin, and toning.

  4. I have injuries. Can yoga help me?

    A: Consult with your doctor! First & always. Yoga is a practice that stretches us literally. Being fully aware on both ends (medical & holistic) is key to maintaining quality of life. Consult with your doc.

  5. Do I need a yoga mat?

    A: Yes! And a towel (for Pilates), and water.